This Ancient Civilization Wisdom Can Help You Transform Your Life

4 fundamental rules from the pre-Columbian Toltec culture that teach us the power of small habits in reaching true happiness

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The path to freedom is to let go of fear-based beliefs

The Toltecs’ main message is that we must get rid of society-imposed and fear-based agreements that influence our behavior and mindset in order to find individual freedom.

The 4 agreements that will help you become your true self

Agreement number 1: Be impeccable with your words

Being impeccable with your words means speaking with integrity and carefully choosing your words before saying them aloud. In other words, it means taking responsibility for what you say.

If you spread negative energy, you’ll get negative energy in return

According to the Toltecs, the word, as a symbol, has the power of creation because it can reproduce an image, an idea, a feeling, or an entire story in your imagination. Communication is an energy exchange: if you spread negative energy, you’ll get negative energy in return. But if you speak positive words, you’ll get positive energy.

Agreement number 2: Don’t take anything personally

The second agreement advocates the importance of having a strong sense of self and not needing to rely on the opinions of others.

Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves

Each individual has a unique worldview that forms their own perceptions. A person’s actions or words are a projection of their own reality. Nonetheless, we tend to take them personally and the reason we do that lies in our self-centeredness.

Agreement number 3: Don’t make assumptions

Are you aware that almost everything you tell yourself is an assumption? The third agreement deals with our tendency to make assumptions and how it leads to suffering.

We invent a whole story that’s only truth for us, and we believe it

When we assume what others are thinking, it leads to stress and conflict. How many times did you fight with a loved one because of a misunderstanding that could have been avoided had you not made assumptions? Have you ever been mad at your partner because he didn’t act as you wanted, even though you never actually expressed it and just assumed that they would know?

Agreement number 4: Always do your best

The fourth agreement is about living with no regrets.

If you have done your best and your inner judge tries to judge you, you’ve got the answer: “I did my best.”

Your best depends on the circumstances that you may encounter. If you’re sick or tired, it won’t be as strong as when you’re perfectly healthy. Your best will also change over time, but all you need to do is keep doing your best, no more, no less.

The Toltecs’ message

The Toltecs teach us that much of our suffering is self-created, but most of the time, we have the ability to transform our lives.

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